Hello and thank you for visiting Place of Enlightenment, a place where you can call home! My name is David Murray and I am the President of Place of Enlightenment,Inc. Place of Enlightenment is a 501(c)3 non-profit; multi-faceted organization, which seeks to educate and provide assistance for the mind, body, and spirit of individuals and communities. Many people do not know where they come from or where they are going in life. This is especially true from a historical, spiritual, and financial point of view. This is where Place of Enlightenment comes into play. Our goal is to educate and assist in enlightening the minds of communities and individuals for what we do or don’t know is either killing or making us every day in life. Our purpose is not to persuade people into a religious organization of any kind, but it is to present truth and you be the judge!

The goal of Place of Enlightenment is to restore the self image of individuals and communities. We serve communities and individuals from all walks in life, so if you need assistance or in other words….HELP or someone to listen or pray you through difficult situations, I want you to know that Place of Enlightenment is here for you. Our purpose for you is to NOT ONLY HOLD YOUR HAND BUT IT IS TO FIND THAT “FISH” THAT RESIDES IN YOU THAT COULD CATAPULTE YOU TO WHERE YOU NEED TO GO IN LIFE! We have our own book club and our goal is to establish an accountability system, for are we each other’s keeper?

The answer is a resounding, YES!

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Posted On,Thursday 13th of August 2015

"This is an affirmation/poem that I wrote when I was overwhelmed with grief, despair and so much unhappiness. The Script...

The Apostles Prison

Posted On,Wednesday 12th of August 2015

“I believe in God the Father” is the first statement of the Apostle’s Creed. The Apostle’s Creed is a statement of f...

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David Murray

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"The Me I Did Not Know" - David Murray

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