Place of Enlightenment Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization, building relationships with youth through activities, programs, and mentorship in GA. We seek to educate and provide assistance for the mind, body, and spirit of individuals and communities.

Many people do not know where they come from or where they are going in life. This is especially true from a historical, spiritual, and financial point of view. This is where Place of Enlightenment comes into play. We provide a diverse range of services in GA including Event Program, Thrift Store, Adult Impact Center, Youth Impact Center, Clothes Networking Program, Food Networking Program, Energy Assistance Program, Car Donation Programs, Mobile Food Distribution, Food Pantry and much more. Show your commitment to supporting the needy in GA closing the gap by donating to our Clothes Networking Program and Food Networking Program in GA. Over the years we have gained experience in the charity work, and we know how hard it is for the needy to confront their problems. We offer a therapeutic way of reconstructing and creating order and stability in broken lives. This is one of the unique sides of this charity association where individuals can, within the context of an extended family environment, receive the guidance, encouragement, and support they need to face their problems and experience healing and understanding.

Our primary aim is to educate and assist in enlightening the minds of communities and individuals for what we do or don’t know is either killing or making us every day in life. Our purpose is not to persuade people into a religious organization of any kind, but it is to present truth, and you be the judge!