The Apostles Prison

“I believe in God the Father” is the first statement of the Apostle’s Creed. The Apostle’s Creed is a statement of faith and beliefs opposing those errors that the compilers of the creed thought were dangerous to the Christian faith. Apostle…a Greek word meaning, “ones who are sent out”. As we see in history, there were men who have claimed to have heard from the Divine One, such as the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus. Mohammad, Moses or the late Father Divine. Some truthful…others false. Oftentimes the words of these truthful men were corrupted troughtout the years by the greed and lust for power and control of the masses by their supposedly loyal followers. We also see, provided that you have eyes to see, that religion has had a crippling and a deadly effect on people across the board but especially those of color. I would like to talk to you for a moment about the meaning of the apostle’s prison, the people responsible for the apostle’s prison, the phycology of the apostle’s prison and last but not least your liberation of YOUR APOSTLE’S PRISON.

The Apostle’s prison is exactly what it is…a prison…a mental and emotional prison to be exact. It’s a way of life, a way of living. It’s the mindset that says, “It’s my way or the highway!” It’s the person whose mind has been filled with religious safeguards and discontentment, yet controlled by fear to move beyond the veil. Now what is this veil? It is a way a person, society or religion views life. That if you move beyond the their way of thinking or even question it, you’re sick…you’re lost…YOU’RE DAMNED! It’s a person or society whose minds have been deceived, seduced and blinded by religion. Now let’s take a look at the word religion. It comes from a Latin word “religare”. It means “to hold back or restrain”. It also means “to tie back, to connect” but on the other hand “to hold back and restrain”.

Now I am choosing the “hold back and restrain” definition because it is evident that as a people, false religion not true religion has put us in a mental state of prison. It has held us back from achieving what is rightfully ours…land, power and true spirituality.

The apostle’s prison was and still is a well-planned out method to control people by fear and building up safeguards. It is a way of thinking that puts people in a state of outward dependence so that fill the pockets of religious people who have been deceived by their own deception. It is the leader who looks at him/herself and indirectly teaches that he or she is some type of god. They tell you to look at them as a leader before looking at the One Creator in yourself. You read what they tell you to read if any and you give him 10% or more of your wages because he or she deceives you to thinking that you are giving to God. Listen…GOD DOES NOT NEED YOUR MONEY BUT MAN DOES. Now let me say that there are times when you are giving to God because Jesus said, “when you have done these things to the least of these you have done it to me.” Your giving must be a heart business, not something that a MAN TELLS YOU THAT YOU MUST GIVE BECAUSE HIS/HER MINISTRY/TEACHING IS SOMEHOW SPECIAL. Be that as it may, the Apostle’s prison is a systematic and purposed plan for you not to rise above the leader but to always be a crony and a student. In other words, your fate in life is to be A RELIGIOUS ASS KISSER…A BROWN NOSER! So who are you worshipping? Don’t tell me that you are worshipping the ONE TRUE GOD for they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. It’s the person that you are worshipping and your big mega-building.

The psychology of the apostle’s prison is to instill fear and to feed your mind with safeguards. On top of my list is my own religion of Christianity. I was born into the Christian faith. However did you know that there are over 300 sects of Christianity and each one claims that they are the ones that are true? Your typical minister will tell you that God’s word is the Bible and that he speaks through it. I do not doubt that because I have been blessed and encouraged through it. However, if that is the case, then that God is limited and already defeated. Why do I say that? Because he could not come up with anything original, but had to borrow from other sources or “gods that your fathers have not known”. The same principle holds true for Judiasm, Islam and any other so called “pagan” religion that professes a personal god.

Your backwards minister will tell you “don’t go there, just read the word”. Just that statement begins the fear and self doubt factor. Your backwards minister will tell you, “Why get the twinklets of this world, when you can have the treasures in heaven”. On top of this, he adds to the fear by saying, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what can a man gain in exchange for his soul? In my opinion, THIS IS A TRUISM BUT IT HAS CRIPPLED THE MINDS OF SO MANY, ESPECIALLY THOSE OF COLOR WHO HAVE BEEN STRIPPED OF EVERYTHING, SUCH AS THEIR NAME AND ESTEEM! But these very people are waking up. They are fed up and are leaving these type of places of worhip because it is an “Alice in Wonderland” story. Listen!...Your on public transportation but your minister is in the lastest Lexus, Rolls Royce and/or Hummer. He/She is in “the big house” and you’re in the ghetto filled with roaches. I ask you, does that add up? If your minister is really in a poor state of mind, he will discourage you indirectly of getting a college education but his/her kids are in one of the best!

Even if your minister does talk about wealth and money, we have to ask the question why? Is he preaching it because it is the “in thing” to preach or is he/she preaching it because he really cares for you and wants to liberate your minds in every sense of the word? WHO IS REALLY PROFITING IN THE LONG RUN. You celebrate his birthday and give him/her the pastor’s love offering but when was the last time your place of worship gave you ANYTHING OR APPRECIATED YOU! I am addressing my own HOME of Christianity.

Be that as it may, when you begin to move beyond your safe guards…your comfort zone…that zone that keeps you mentally and spiritually sleeping, you will discover that you have been lied to. You will discover that you are victim and/or volunteer of religion. Yes I am talking to you my sisters of the human race, especially my black sister who is apart again of the Christian faith. Again I say this because that is the faith were I am from. In some denominations, you were told that you are a “help mate”….a lesser vessel! Why? Because you’re a woman. Elohim made you by taking a rib from Adam because he could not find a suitable partner. In Genesis 1 made male and female side by side. In Genesis 2, you were an after thought “because he could not find any suitable partner. In some institutions you were told to keep your mouth shut. Why? Because you are a woman. You had to dress a certain way. Why? Because you are a woman. Listen, take the veil off! Ladies when you go beyond your comfort or “safe guard” zone and expand your mind, you will know and understand that you are truly a queen and that in history you were rulers of some of the most powerful countries, such as Cleopatra of Egypt, Indira Gandhi of India, Queen Amina of Nigeria and Makeda of Ethopia also known as the Queen of Sheba (www.womeninworldhistory.com).